The term "bio-identical hormones" usually refers to compounds that have the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced in the body.


There has been a lot of press in recent years about how hormone replacement can be bad for your health. Many of these media reports are talking about artificial, chemically produced hormones. These hormone replacements don’t match your natural hormones and may not fit your body’s unique needs.
However- there are other hormone replacements that can be used instead. These are bioidentical hormones – and these match exactly what your body produces. By using bioidentical hormones you can restore your natural balance of hormones and positively impact many of the symptoms caused by hormone imbalance.


Our bodies are all different so it is really important to create a treatment plan based on each individual’s hormone levels. With information on your hormone levels and interactions your doctor can create a treatment and supplementation plan ideal for you.

Bio-identical hormone replacement for men and women offers your doctor the opportunity to create a customized prescription individually for you. Compounding pharmacists are experts in these customized prescriptions. Compounding allows pharmacists to work actively with physicians to customize medications to meet each patient’s needs.

The pharmacist also can prepare the medication using several unique delivery systems, such as a lozenge, a lollipop, or a transdermal gel or cream that can be absorbed through the skin. For those patients who are having a hard time swallowing a capsule, a compounding pharmacist can make a liquid suspension instead.

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